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Psychiatrist Gibraltar

Sometimes we all have a few issues that need a bit of help from a specialist and of course mental health issues are no different.


Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder or Behavioural and Drug Addictions are all mental health problems that are unimaginably widespread world wide. As these conditions are beginning to surface more and more in our daily conversations and as we approach them more openly and with lesser stigma attached, they become easier to handle and treat.

The Psychiatrists are Licenced Professionals in Gibraltar

However, despite the efforts of mental health specialists to detach from these problems the feelings of shame, guilt and weakness, they manage to persist against all odds due to a lack of general education on mental health issues. Because of this, many people chose to suffer in silence when it comes to a lot of these conditions, do not be one who suffers in silence.

Psychiatrist in Gibraltar offers you the opportunity to seek help for your mental disorder. We offer you extreme privacy and high-quality treatment for all your distressing symptoms. Our private office is set in the beautiful and extravagant region of Gibraltar, an offshore British territory that flourishes in all its domains. The office provides a perfect combination of extremely professional care, highly experienced mental health specialists and an environment of comfort and understanding that is also gorgeously and lavishly furnished.

Psychiatrist in Gibraltar focuses a great deal of each patient’s individual needs. It is our highest concern. Also, although each mental health disorder shares the same symptoms, not all people are affected by them in the same way. Not to mention that the cause of the problem can be completely different for each and every one of them. This is why we look at a person’s family history, personal history as well as each patient’s own individual body chemistry to determine what triggered their problem.

As our patient you will be receiving regular blood and DNA tests in order to see if the symptoms you are experiencing are not caused by a chemical imbalance in your body or if there is not an imbalance that worsens your already existing symptoms. We are also working with a very competent nutritionist that will give you helpful advice when it comes to your diet. Many nutrients that are lacking in your body can lower levels of serotonin, dopamine or endorphins in your brain, resulting in an increased overall bad mood.

Once a diagnosis has been placed by the psychiatrist, an individualised treatment plan will be designed with the utmost attention and professional care to perfectly suit your needs. The plan will consist of regular sessions with our psychiatrist and psychologist at our private office, regular blood and DNA tests, nutritional advice and other complementary therapies we see fit to recommend you.

In case you are an international patient, we can make all the arrangements for your accommodations at one of Gibraltar’s best hotels, vilas, and we can even rent an apartment just for you. Also, not to worry, all our professionals are extremely fluent in English.

Our private office can be found, just at the bottom of Main Street in Casemates Square, at the centre of Gibraltar.

Privacy and security are of course very important and especially when seeing a Psychiatrist in Gibraltar because its such a small place and people talk.

Your information is never shared with anyone that isnt needed for your treatment and rehabilitation.

Our private office in Gibraltar will be opening soon, meanwhile we will be tending all patients at our private office in Sotogrande, Spain, just at the border with Gibraltar.

Psychiatric Diagnosis

First we need to perform some tests to diagnose what is wrong with you.


We need to work out a treatment plan and follow it through.

Follow Up

After the initail diagnosis and subsequent treatment we need to follow up

I thought i needed to be in a secure treatment center but after just a few sessions with the Psychiatrist in Gibraltar i was well on the way to recovery.

A long term alcoholic from Gibraltar we have been treating

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