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Many Crazy Ways People Use To Smuggle Drugs

posted by: Earl in the Drug Rehab Blog

There are lots of profits in selling illicit drugs but before you can sell the drugs you need to get them to the distribution point. This creates a logistical nightmare because of course the drugs are not legal and the feds, customs and police are chasing you up and down trying to catch you.

Over themany years of shipping drugs across borders and countrys there has ben some very wild ways of concealing the drugs and some of them will blow your mind.

North Korea uses Diplomatic Immunity to smuggle crystal methamphetamine.

north koreaAs amazing as it seems the country of North Korea has a huge crystal meth amphetamine industry.

North Korea hasnt got very open borders as you may know and people that have escaped from the country report that crystal meth is a huge drug used as a painkiller.

The most amazing thing about the North Korea crystal meth industry is that when the diplomats go to other countrys they take out large amounts of crystal meth with them.
Being a diplomat allows you to have a private bag with you to take protected documents or other things across country or state borders without them being searched.

The diplomats from North Korea fill these bags with crystal meth manufactured in their country and they take them to other countrys to sell them.
The goal is apparantly for each diplomat from North Korea to earn $300`000 per trip from their illigially exported meth and then they can take the money back to North Korea in the same diplomatic bag and the ruler of the country can use that money to feed his team and pay his staff.

Shoes made of cannabis resin.
Back in the 1960`s way before package holidays people used to do a pilgramage to Kathmandu. I say people but i really mean the hippys went to Kathmandu which is in Nepal.

These hippies were trying to find themselves and they used to go to smoke weed in great quantitys which is grown in the hills of Nepal.

Hippes like to take a little bit of cannabis home so they can experience the feelings again so they used to have to find ways of getting in back into the USA.

One very sneaky way was to have the cannabis resin created into platform shoes so they could wear them and just simply walk their drugs over the border. 
One day in 1970 a drugs agent realised what was going on and stopped everyone wearing platform shoes to search their feet and found the shoes were made entirely of cannabis resin.
Thousands of people a month were doing the Kathmandu pilgramage for over 10 years and they suspect that millions of tons of cannabis were brought in over that decade.