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Over 3 Ton of Meth Seized in Guangdong Province China

posted by: Earl in the Drug Rehab Blog

China has been the manufacturing hub of the world for many years due to cheap labor cost and lack of regulation, but the chinese are getting much more creative than just manufacturing fake Nike sneakers.

Over 3 ton of Meth have been seized in a chinese village well known for making narcotics.

A third of the supply of crystal methamphetamine in China comes from Boshe in Guangdong province China and over 20% of the population in that are is either working in the manufacturing process or has some intrest in the didtribution.

182 people from that area have just been arrested in a sting operation to try and make a small dent in what was just a Chinese problem but is now speading to the USA as their disribution network expands.
Government officials and Village Council were also arrested along with many others in the village that have power and are in trusted positions.

As well as the 3 tons of Meth ready for distrbution there were also 22 tons of ingredients ready to me made into meth and those were also seized.
The value of the haul is not yet known but a hong kong newspaper is reporting that is was worth upto $233 million of Hong Kong dollars.

The raid was part of a chinese initiative called the Thunder Operations` and so far ver 10`000 people have been detained with a weight of over 10`000 of meth being taken out of the supply chain.

Methamphetamine in China is the second most popular drug with Heroin being the first by far.