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Residential Compulsive Exercising Treatment in Marbella, Spain

Residential Compulsive Exercising Treatment Hospital in Marbella, Spain

Marbella Compulsive Exercising Hospital

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  • Luxury? Yes
  • Licensed Hospital? Yes
  • Location: Seafront
  • Bulimia Clinic: Yes
  • Year Established: 2010
  • Listing type: Compulsive Exercising Clinic
  • Parking: Secure
  • Treat Anorexia?: Yes

Residential Luxury Compulsive Exercising Rehab in Marbella in Spain

Exercise is one of the best ways one can take care of themselves, but the question is, where does it cross the line? When exercise interferes with your daily functioning, when it isolates you, when it becomes the focus of your thoughts - that's when there's a problem.

These are the danger signs:

  • You force yourself to exercise even if you don't feel well.
  • You freak if you miss a workout.
  • You calculate how much to exercise based on how much you eat.
  • You would rather exercise than get together with friends.
  • You have trouble sitting still because you think you're not burning calories.
  • You worry that you'll gain weight if you skip exercising for one day.

too much of a good thing

-In pursuit of the perfect body, compulsive exercisers risk destroying their lives.

When Joy went to Australia for two weeks with her cheerleading squad, one question preyed on her mind: How would she exercise while she was away? Marah Bobilin was convinced that if she didn't exercise for just one day, her muscle tone would wither and she'd become fat over-night. And Karen Petry once ate a rice cake, then made herself work out for an hour to compensate.

Wait a sec. Isn't exercise good for you? Can there be such a thing as too much exercise?

The answers are: yes and yes. Sports can be a blues-buster, a stress reliever and a total blast. Girls who work out and play sports not only feel better, but they tend to get better grades and have higher self-esteem than girls who don't. THough recent surveys show that nearly half of all American girls don't get enough exercise, there are some girls who exercise way too much, and for the wrong reasons. Therapists are seeing more and more girls who are trying to achieve perpetual thinness through compulsive exercise. Just like girls who starve themselves or throw up after every meal, a so-called exercise bulimic is obsessed with the size and shape of her body. She's terrified of gaining weight. But instead of vomiting (or maybe in addition to it), she uses exercise as a way to purge calories from her system.

What makes a compulsive exerciser different from someone who's just keeping fit? She goes to the gym when she has the flu. She runs in the pouring rain. She'll turn down dates and lie to her best friend rather than miss a workout. If she eats more, she pushes herself to exercise twice as much. In fact, she's always increasing the amount of exercise she does and freaking if she does a minute less today than yesterday. It's not because she loves to work out or gets a glow from sports. It's because she feels guilty and depressed if she doesn't.

Too much of a healthy thing might not seem like a problem, but the consequences of burning away your body can be severe.

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Location of The Marbella Residential Mental Health Hospital

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There are no shared rooms and all of the rooms have en-suite bathrooms.

Some of the rooms are equipped with a kitchen and cooking equipment to support independent living if required.

Nanny rooms are available at an extra cost for overseas visitors normally from the UAE.

We can arrange a team of bodyguards if requested or can provide accommodation for your security team, but due to space limits we need to restrict your on-site private staff accommodation to max 8 people.

For more information about residential alcohol, drug or mental health rehab in Marbella just give us a call or fill out one of the forms.

Call us any time to discuss your requirements and to setup an appointment to have a look around the facility or an appointment with the Doctors on the phone if you are not around the Marbella area.

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