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Residential Depression Treatment in Marbella, Spain

Residential Depression Treatment Hospital in Marbella, Spain

Marbella Depression Hospital

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Residential Luxury Depression Rehab in Marbella in Spain

Depression and its cause

There any many different kinds of depression.
Mild depression, major depression, manic depression, Atypical depression and post-partum depression to name a few. Any depression involves symptoms and is considered very serious. Appropriate treatment is necessary. Depression is an illness that involves your whole body, mood, thoughts and it can affect the way you eat and sleep. It can affect the way you handle things, make decisions and even how feel about yourself. Depression is not a personal weakness nor is it a problem that you can just wish away. Over the years, depression for me is something that comes and goes. One day I will feel great and then slowly I can feel the depression starting. I have realized that depression is something that is just not going to disappear even if I feel better, I know it's going to come back. Sometimes people get depressed for no reason while others have a triggering event that causes it. At times, I will become depressed for no apparent reason while at other times, stress, lack of sleep or something that upsets me will cause me to become depressed. The death of close loved one often triggers mild to severe depression and can last for various amounts of time. A change in someone's life, a disappointment, a new baby, marital problems or relationship problems, financial problems or a chronic illness can trigger the onset of depression. People who have low self-esteem, those who look at themselves and the world in a negative way and those who are overwhelmed by stress and responsibility are also more prone to depression. Environmental, psychological and genetic factors are usually always involved in depression. The causes of depression are many but in recent years it has become clear that all depressions involve a chemical imbalance in the areas of the brain that regulate mood and emotion.

According to reported cases of depression, 25% of women and 10% of men will suffer from depression during their lifetimes. Many try to deal with the symptoms of depression alone and many don't seek professional help. Always keep in mind that depression is an illness and those who suffer have no choice or control over their condition. They just can't "pull themselves together" or "snap out of it" or like has been to said to me, "get over it". Without professional treatment a person can suffer from depression for weeks, months and like in my case, even years. Doing a self test for depression will give you a better idea if you or someone else may be suffering. Everyone feels "down" or "blue" every once in awhile. We can feel depressed after a big life change or when something sad happens in our life. Usually over time, we get over those feelings. However, for some people the symptoms remain for long periods of time. If you ever think you are alone in battling depression - you are certainly not. It is estimated that 1 in 5 people will suffer from depression at one point during their lives.

Symptoms of depression

The symptoms for depression are different for each person. I compare it to the common cold, two people may have a cold but both may have different symptoms. When it comes to depression, while one person may experience many of the symptoms while another person may experience only a few. The severity of these symptoms with be different for each person as well. Sometimes these symptoms are apparent while sometimes they are not even noticeable. I have been depressed at times and not even realized it until it was pointed out to me, usually by my husband.

Below are symptoms of depression to look for.

Feelings of hopelessness

Feelings of guilt, helplessness and worthlessness

Persistent sadness or feeling "empty"

Loss of interest in hobbies or activities.

Insomnia/ waking early or oversleeping

Loss of appetite/weight loss

Overeating/weight gain

Decreased energy/fatigue

Restlessness, irritability

Difficulty remembering or concentrating or making decisions

Thoughts of death or suicide and even suicide attempts.

When lots of people are depressed, they suffer from many of the symptoms above however the severity of them varies. When they become depressed, it is very hard for them to eat. When I don't eat, I become tired and more irritable and just don't feel very well in general. I feel very badly about myself and often say things like "I'm stupid" or "I'm dumb". I'll even go as far as believing I am a bad mother and wife. I don't want to go out and most times, don't even want to see anyone. Even talking on the phone become a chore and it's something that I like to do. Small things seem all of a sudden worse and I feel like I can't cope. I will cry more often and can't seem to find energy to do anything. One symptom seems to trigger another and it seems all aspects of life become more difficult for me.

Where to get help for depression if the Marbella hospital isnt for you

Below are a few places and people that can help you in seeking treatment and help with depression:

Family Doctors

Private clinics or facilities

Community mental health centers


Mental health specialists

Employee assistance programs

Evaluation and Treatment of Depression

The first step to seeking help and proper treatment is going to see your family doctor. They will want to know what symptoms you have, when they started, how severe they are and how long they have lasted. Your doctor may also ask you if you use drugs or alcohol. Many times, those who suffer from depression are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with depression. Your doctor may also want to know if you have any thoughts about death or suicide. It is important for you to be as honest as possible. Further, your doctor should know about any family members that also suffer from depression. Your doctor may want to know if they were treated for it and what treatment they received and if it was effective for them or not. This may give your doctor some help if it is determined that you will receive treatment too. If you don't know this information, you may want to ask some family members and take the information with you when you visit your doctor. The more your doctor knows, the better he/she will be at understanding and helping you. A physical examination and lab tests will also help your doctor determine if you are suffering from depression and what type. Some medical conditions can cause symptoms of depression as well as some medications. Your doctor will be able to rule some of these possibilities out.

Treatment for your depression will depend on the results of your evaluation. Depending on your doctor and diagnosis, you may be prescribed antidepressant medication and psychotherapies. Some people do well with medication alone and some do well with psychotherapy alone with others do well on a combination of both these treatments. With your diagnosis and the severity of your symptoms, your doctor will prescribe the treatment that's best for you.


There are many different antidepressants available to you through your doctor. Many times, a doctor will try a variety of antidepressants before finding the one or combination that is right for you. While taking this medication your doctor will monitor you closely to make sure you are getting the correct dosage and to make sure it is effective. Antidepressants are not a habit forming drug so there is no need to worry about becoming dependant on them. You should never mix these medications with any other drugs as some medications taken together can cause severe and dangerous side effects. Consuming alcohol can also reduce the effectiveness of these drugs and should be avoided.

Some people are tempted to stop taking their medication too soon. These drugs can take time to work and it's not overnight relief. Even if you are feeling better, it is important for you to take your medication until your doctor tells you to stop. Some medications require to be stopped slowly to give your body time to adjust.

Antidepressants can cause mild and usually temporary side effects in some people. Most times they are not serious however any unusual side effects or problems should be reported to your doctor.

Common Side Effects May Include:

Dry mouth


Bladder problems

Sexual problems

Blurred vision



Never hesitate to contact your doctor if you have questions of concerns about the medication you are taking. When in doubt, always ask. Your doctor is the best person to advise you in these matters.

The Hospital for depression.

There is a small percentage of people that will need to be taken to the hospital for their severe symptoms of depression. Those who have lost the ability to function in day to day living, are severely suffering with their symptoms and those who have constant thoughts about death, hurting themselves or suicide should be taken to the hospital. Never ignore words about suicide from a depressed person, you should contact their doctor or take them to the hospital.

The hospital can help in many different ways. First they can help keep the patient safe so they cannot hurt themselves or even worse, take their life. The hospital can help that person get the right treatment and quickly. A doctor can adjust medications and bring relief to the person suffering. The hospital can also help relax and sedate a patient so they can calm down and get some rest they may need. This of course depends on the symptoms and the severity of them. Patients can also have the opportunity to learn more about their illness and the type of treatment they need to control it.

Depending on the person and their condition, the length of the hospital stay will vary. Sometimes a person will be there for only hours while another person is there for days or even weeks in severe cases. The hospital is a great way to get treatment, support and help. Once the patient is on appropriate medication and getting the proper treatment, they will usually start to feel better and be able to go home. A few hours or days in the hospital can be a great deal of help for someone who is in pain and suffering from depression.

Helping Yourself

Being depressed can be very difficult and can bring many negative thoughts and feelings. I know, I've been there. You may even feel exhausted and at times feel like just giving up. These are hard times and I can assure you, you are not alone. As difficult as it may be, there is hope and there is help. As you receive treatment that you need, you will slowly start to feel better and feel a little more positive. Below are a few ideas that can help you cope.

Trying being around others, especially close family and friends. I know this is hard but it is much better than being alone and sometimes talking and having people near by can make a small difference to the way you are feeling.

Don't take on a great deal of responsibility or extra responsibility. If you're not feeling up to it, this may make you feel worse. Keep up with as much as you can but don't add any extra pressure on yourself right now.

Try going for a walk or doing something you enjoy. Chances are you might not feel up to it but try it anyways. It might help but you'll never know unless you try.

Do not expect too much from yourself right now. If you can't do all the laundry today, let it wait until tomorrow. Perhaps you can even get some help with the responsibility you have until you are feeling more up to par.

Don't blame yourself. It is not your fault you are depressed and feel the way you do. It's not something you can just change and blaming yourself will only make you feel more guilty and will change nothing.

Friends and Family

People who suffer from depression often alienate those around them. As a friend or family member of someone who is depressed, you will probably feel angry, frustrated and at times feel helpless. Being around someone who is depressed will be very difficult for you and will require a lot of patience and understanding and at times, more than what you can give. People who are depressed often get bad tempered and irritable and your feelings of anger are natural. The most important thing you will have to keep in mind is that, this person has an illness and they need professional help. You can't "fix" their depression or even cure it, they need other means of help and treatment. Don't try to cure their depression, even if you have good intentions at heart, you will not succeed. Chances are, they need medication to help control and ease their depression. Even when a person is depressed, your efforts to help and make them feel better will be noticed even if they don't show it. Don't be discouraged, eventually with time and treatment they will be more receptive of your efforts. Don't give up!

Below are some ideas in which you can help a depressed friend or family member in your life.

The first thing you can do is encourage them to seek and get professional help for their illness. This may include you making the appointment for them and taking them to see their doctor. If they are taking medication, it would be a good idea to keep a close eye to make sure they are taking it and maybe giving them a gentle reminder if they have missed it.

Learn all you can about depression. Being educated on any illness can bring better understanding to the illness and the person suffering. There are many books available at local book stores or the library. There are also several wonderful web sites on the Internet containing useful information. Some include chat rooms for support, mailing lists and even stories of personal experience. Learn about the medications used to treat depression and other treatments available. All Books At Amazon About Depression

Offer the best emotional support that you can give. Talk with the person and really try to understand how they are feeling. Above all, learn to be a good listener. Sometimes all people need is someone to be there and to listen.

Invite the person out to do some things he/she likes to do. Just because they are depressed, it doesn't mean they don't want to. If shopping is something the person likes to do, ask them if they'd like to go along with you and tell them that you'd enjoy their company. Be prepared for the person to reject your offer and don't be offended if they do. The person probably does need to get out but too many demands might just leave them feeling worse. If they don't want to join you in anything, don't push the issue.

Depression is very common in today's society. Depression may result from the loss of a loved one, after the birth of a child, or because of any other stressful situation. Everyone will feel sad sometimes but it does not mean they are depressed. Depression can cause a drastic change in the persons personality and interfere with their daily life. Depression is so prevalent in today's society that many say it most serve some purpose in natural selection.

Some say that Depression is maladaptive because it serves no greater purpose in today's society. Many animals will display classic signs of depression when they are ill or trapped by a predator. In our society today we are rarely faced with these kinds of situations and they are not the only time we see depression arise.

One very common time for depression to be exhibited is after the death of a loved one. Whether the loss is of a friend, family member, or acquaintance it can be very difficult. The stress and guilt that people often feel after a death is likely what produces the depression. In these situations the depression is a time that the individual can use to sort through their issues left by the death. Without the period of depression the individual might just push those feelings and thoughts aside and not deal with them. Eventually after enough stresses and worries were pushed aside and not dealt with the individual would likely suffer from a greater breakdown than a simple depression.

Financial troubles can also bring on depression. In today's society there is a great deal of importance placed on money. Lose of a job or filling for bankruptcy can be extremely stressful. In this situation the development of depression may give the individual time to slow down and sort through the issues that contributed to or resulted from the situation.

Depression can be looked at as an adaptive quality. Depression forces a person to slow down and gives them the opportunity to work through their issues. If a person is unable to work through their issues on their own they can seek the help of a professional. Those who can not overcome their depression may resort to suicide. Depression forces people to slow down in today's fast paced society.

With the resources that are available today, no one has to suffer the dark cloud of depression day after day. If you or someone you care about suffers, I urge you to take the steps towards getting help right away. It is a step towards living a happier and healthier life. The information you gather and the help you receive may help save your own or someone else's life.

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